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The Fruit of Experience Over the Years

Ever since the beginning of the law offices which now form Monty Sylvestre, we have been pioneers. Our office is the result of the union of Sylvestre Lagassé s.e.n.c.r.l. and Monty Coulombe s.e.n.c. which have been solidly established in the Eastern Townships for decades and offered services across Quebec.


Move and Re-opening.

The Lac-Mégantic law firm moves to a new address following the July 6, 2013 railway tragedy which completely destroyed the building. It is now located at 3913 Laval street.


Merger with SDR conseillers juridiques inc.

The law firm Monty Coulombe welcomes the lawyers and the support staff of SDR conseillers juridiques inc.


Merger of Sylvestre Lagassé s.e.n.c.r.l.

The practice Sylvestre Lagassé s.e.n.c.r.l. is created by the merger of the family practices Sylvestre and Lagassé in January 2008.


Association with Sylvestre Sylvestre Brière s.e.n.c.

Mr. François Sylvestre and Ms. Élisabeth Brière become notaries and associates of Mr. Jean Sylvestre, notary, within the practice now called Sylvestre Sylvestre Brière s.e.n.c.


Opening in Lac-Mégantic

Monty Coulombe opens a law firm in Lac-Mégantic. Mr. Robert Giguère, lawyer, joins the firm at that time.


Name Change

The law firm changes name in the mid-80’s and is called, since then, Monty Coulombe.


Quick Expansion

The new law firm expands rapidly and has more than 25 lawyers at the beginning of the 80’s.


Beginning of the law firm Monty Coulombe

The law firm Monty Coulombe is formed on January 1, 1978 when 14 lawyers from the firms Monty and Coulombe merge.


Move and merger

After 55 years at the same location, the law firm Monty moves to 234 Dufferin after the merger with the law firm Coulombe creating the law firm Monty Coulombe.


Association with Louis Lagassé

Mr. Louis Lagassé, notary, joined his father’s practice Lagassé & Lagassé, notaries.



The firm is now named Gervais, Langlais, Monty et Pépin



The firm changes names numerous times to reflect the associates who have joined the group.


Association with Jean Sylvestre

Mr. Jean Sylvestre, notary, becomes his father Georges’ partner. In June 2014, he celebrated 50 years of notarial practice and involvement in Sherbrooke’s social and community life.


Expansion of the law firm Coulombe

During the 60’s the law firm is called Rouillard, Gobeil and Coulombe .In 1977, the law firm is called Coulombe, Fecteau, Gilbert, Fortin, Veilleux and Labonté, lawyers.


Foundation of Lagassé & Lagassé

Mr. Joseph Jacques Lagassé, notary, begins his career with his father at Lagassé & Lagassé, notaries.


Creation of the law firm "Coulombeʺ

Paul Desruisseaux opens his law firm in Sherbrooke and it expands rapidly after the Second World War.


Foundation of Sylvestre Sylvestre

Mr. Georges Sylvestre,notary, begins his career with his father Ernest and his brother Paul at Sylvestre Sylvestre.


Beginning of Joseph Arsène Lagassé

Mr. Joseph Arsène Lagassé, notary, begins his notarial practice in Richmond and then, in Windsor, foundation  until 1951.


Beginning of ʺMonty"

Jacob Nicol opens a law firm in Sherbrooke. The same year, he buys the daily newspaper ʺLa Tribune“.


Beginning of Ernest Sylvestre

Mr. Ernest Sylvestre, notary, begins his career in Sherbrooke.


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