The settlement of an estate is a delicate and complex matter. It requires that each step be completed according to the law from the day of death until the final disposition of assets. According to the Civil Code of Québec, the liquidator of the succession is responsible for distributing the assets of the estate. The notaries at Monty Sylvestre guide the liquidator in this undertaking and ensure the respect of the many mandatory procedures and solve the complicated arising legal issues. They also have access to resources which can reduce the delays.

Types of Intervention:

  • Analysis of Testamentary Dispositions;
  • Applying for a Death Certificate;
  • Appointment of the Liquidator;
  • Claiming Life Insurance Benefits, Pensions and Allowances;
  • Determination of Heirs;
  • Distribution of the Assets of the Estate;
  • Division of Family Patrimony and Matrimonial Rights;
  • Exercising the Heir’s Option;
  • Final Accounts;
  • Management of the Estate Assets;
  • Letters of Verification;
  • Opening an Account in a Financial Institution;
  • Opening and Inventory of a Safe-Deposit Box;
  • Payment of Debts and Specific Bequests;
  • Probating of Holograph and Witnessed Wills;
  • Publication of Notices;
  • Reading of the Will;
  • Refusal of a Succession;
  • Search for a Will;
  • Transfer of Assets.


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