The professionals at Monty Sylvestre are committed to helping you in your needs related to personnel law. Personal law protects your personal rights, a couple’s relationship and family relationships: matrimonial regime, family home, children, family patrimony and assets, will, mandate in case of incapacity, family trust, protective trust and more.

Our innovative service, “Le Protecteurʺ offers tools for the management of an incapable person’s or a minor’s assets. Our trust wills are the answer to your concerns about the devolution of your assets in a particular context.

Personal Law

If you want your common-law spouse to be one of your heirs or want to avoid that, after your death, your children squander their inheritance if they have not reached a sufficient level of maturity, a will can bring you peace of mind. The notarial will is registered confidentially in the Register of Testamentary Dispositions of the Chambre des notaires du Québec. Therefore, a will search after death is greatly facilitated and secured. The notarial will is a simple and efficient way to express your wishes and intentions.

If you are in a de facto union and want to make clear your arrangements on important aspects of an eventual separation, you will need a cohabitation contract. A cohabitation contract allows you to set out how the property will be divided in case of a separation and to establish the rules of your daily life.

You wish to plan who will take care of you and your affairs in case of incapacity? You will need a protective mandate. This will ensure that a person you trust, chosen freely, will be able to make important legal decisions on your behalf.

The notaries at Monty Sylvestre are able to provide answers to your questions on personal law.

Types of Intervention:

  • Change of Name/Designation of Sex;
  • Contractor’s Mandate;
  • Estate Planning;
  • Legal Protection Regime;
  • Notarial Will;
  • Organs and Tissue Donation;
  • Power of Attorney;
  • Protective Mandate;
  • Service “Le Protecteurʺ.

Family Law

Each family is in a particular situation which requires a strategy to ensure that all members are adequately protected. The needs evolve with age, marital status and health. We inform you of the rights and obligations related to your family status and draft the necessary documents to prevent conflicts or to counter unforeseen circumstances.

Types of Intervention:

  • Appointment of Trustee;
  • Civil Marriages and Civil Partnership Celebrations;
  • Cohabitation Contract;
  • Dissolution Agreement;
  • Family Trust;
  • Family Mediation;
  • Marriage and Civil Union Contracts.

Non-Contentious Matters

Our professionals can execute non-contentious files which means a file that the other party is not contesting. They are able to represent you whether it is for the homologation of a protective mandate, the institution of a protective regime, the probate of handwritten wills or wills signed before witnesses or a non-contested judicial acquisition of property rights by prescription.

Types of Intervention:

  • Adoption;
  • Declaratory Judgment of Death;
  • Judicial Authorization;
  • Homologation of Mandate;
  • Institution of a Protective Supervision (Tutorship, Curatorship);
  • Judicial Review;
  • Separation Agreement;
  • Tutorship Council;
  • Probate of Will.


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